Block Chain - Hello World

In this series I will be making a complete working block chain with proof of work, heavy nodes, light nodes, transition pool etc. I struggled a lot while developing my own block chain because not many resources were available and there were no hands on tutorials. So this series will focus on the practical side i.e. implementing a blockchain while clarifying the underlying concepts on the go. My development tools will involve NODE JS, HTML, CSS etc.

You can download the starter kit from here Starter Kit. The file index.js contains the following code.

'use strict'

//Print hello world
console.log("Hello World");

Open a terminal and cd into the project directory.

cd /home/username/–path to directory../nodejs_starter

Now install the packages using the following command.

npm install

Now run the file using either of the following commands:

nodejs index.js
node index.js

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